LIFTing the Veil on Homelessness

Krista White | Blog
Sadness of boy in the city
Misconception #1: “Homeless people are lazy.”
“I’ve heard the personal stories of numerous people and admit having been surprised to learn that for many, the road to homelessness began with the loss of a job at which they’d worked hard for years and/or a series of circumstances beyond their control, such as serious illness or injury of themselves or a dependent,” says Jim White, “In many cases, they gave all they had to try to overcome the challenges but eventually ran out of resources. You just never know, and the truth is that, given the right set of circumstances, it could happen to any one of us.”
People who are homeless are typically among the most disconnected from their communities because they’re down and out, living in poverty and operating way below their personal potential. Others’ low opinions of them make it harder. But once you hear their stories, you start to change your mind about their specific situations.
Stay tuned for our insightful series of short video clips, starting in June. Meanwhile, you can help those who are working to get their lives back on track through our ongoing LIFT program. Sponsor one of our June 17 LIFTathon lifters, or become one, and raise a little love for the cause.