• People in need are no different than us. Some were just never given hope or taught to believe in themselves.
  • Sometimes all it takes is a break, an opportunity, a chance, a LIFT in the right direction.
  • Our LIFT program inspires people to be better, do better and live better.
  • 29,936,899 steps is transforming lives. Read more about <a href="/our-impact" title="Our Impact">our impact.</a>
  • Get involved today to help us <strong>L</strong>ift spirits, <strong>I</strong>mprove bodies, <strong>F</strong>eed souls and <strong>T</strong>ransform lives.
Giving Back. Making a Difference.
Giving Back. Making a Difference.


Giving is the greatest virtue in life. It keeps our world going and fuels the mind, body and soul. We, at the LIFT Fitness Foundation, have been blessed with God-given talents and want to use our skills to help those in need build a better quality of life. The mission of the LIFT Fitness Foundation is to create a foundation of wellness to empower individuals in need.

Meet our team.

While teaching our JWFNS Boot Camp at the Virginia Beach oceanfront one morning, Jim took notice of a person sleeping on a bench and it was apparent this person was homeless. This person, like so many others, was living in despair and running low on hope. Jim decided to do something. Learn more.



Your donations are needed to provide healthy snacks, athletic wear (shorts, shirts and shoes), provide incentives, education and employment assistance and more. Please consider donating today.


Our Corporate Sponsors are essential partners in our mission to help people get back on their feet in our community. Learn more.


Do you need hands-on experience in your chosen field? Need a few class credits? Great! LIFT is the internship program for you. Learn more.


There are many reasons to volunteer with LIFT – because you care about people’s needs, you want to join the fight against homelessness, you want to meet and work with people who share your vision. We welcome your helping hands.


Past Event: 2021 LIFTathon – July 18th, 2021

Thank you to all sponsors, volunteers and athletes who made the 2021 LIFTathon our most successful one yet!


LIFTathon brought 84 individual athletes and 11 teams together to show off their strength in support of LIFT.

LIFTathon brought in over $13,800 in contributions – far surpassing our $10,000 goal!

LIFT graduate Eric Perry shared his story about the impact LIFT had on his journey, bringing meaning to the lifting efforts.

The Shack was a great venue providing a shaded and beautiful space for all the fun!

Mark your calendars for June 12, 2022 for the next LIFTathon!