LIFT helps those in need feel like they are a part of something, holds them accountable and most importantly, helps prove to themselves that they can overcome resistance, push past obstacles and make better choices which in turn, improves their overall life.


The LIFT program was designed to help motivate, energize and inspire others to believe in themselves while unleashing their full potential. In each lift session we motivate members to push forward and create a more positive mind frame. We have seen our participants gain confidence which has inspired them to get jobs, improve their health, and lift their spirits in all areas of their life.


LIFT sessions include cardiovascular and strength workouts. yoga and other exercise modalities that is geared for any fitness level. Our highly credentialed trainers lead group exercise and our volunteers lead walking and jogging programs or help to motivate throughout each session. LIFT tracks the participant’s progress by recording their weight, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular from beginning to end. We also give them pedometers and track their steps each session. At our closing ceremony, we recognize Athlete achievements and hand out awards for perfect attendance, most pounds lost, most steps taken, and more. In one of our programs, one participant walked 217,000 steps in 4 weeks, which for most people translates to around 100 miles! The exercise piece of the program is vital in helping to improve our participants bodies and lives.


Nutrition is a large part of the health equation which is why the LIFT program incorporates nutrition education and provides cooking demonstrations for the participants. We teach them what to eat, when to eat and what foods will help nourish their body to improve overall health. We have Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Professional Chefs come in to teach participants how to cook, shop on a budget and know the appropriate portions of food to get and stay healthy. In addition, we provide healthy snacks and recipes to our participants to help feed their souls nutritionally.


Our focus is to transform the lives of those in need. The motivation provided by the LIFT staff and volunteers combined with the exercise instruction and nutrition education helps improve each members physique, stress level, sleep, confidence, energy and overall health. We help those in need feel like they are a part of something, and prove to themselves that they can overcome resistance, push past obstacles and make better choices. The LIFT Program contributes to each participant’s job readiness by providing resume writing and interview skills coaching sessions, as well as consultations with vocational specialists to improve their knowledge of job opportunities in the community. The LIFT program focuses on motivating each participant to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually which empowers them to believe in themselves and pursue employment with increased confidence.


Each organization we work with can participate in our LIFT Program two times each week for 60 days. In addition to getting fitness instruction and/or participating in a running/walking program at each session, LIFT focusesd on the following:

Fitness Education


Healthy Cooking Demo


Motivational Session



LIFTing Soles Shoe Drive

Share the love – join us in our efforts to collect gently worn tennis shoes for LIFT athletes. Our shoe drive occurs January-March, but we accept shoes at any Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studio locations year round.

White House 2 White House

This 200+ mile, 36-hour relay has 12 volunteers running from Virginia Beach to The White House in hopes of bringing more attention to the homeless and hunger crisis in our nation, and to raise funds supporting efforts LIFT makes in our community.

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