Runners head from Virginia Beach to the White House on Nov. 12, taking on homelessness

Krista White | In the News

I love a good race! I can’t even count how many races I’ve run in Virginia Beach over the years.

I’m highly competitive. It’s all about the finishing time and beating my personal record.

I’ve recently come across a race titled “White House 2 White House.” The presidential name caught my attention. The clever namesake describes the route, which starts from the Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studio in Virginia Beach (Jim White’s house) to the official White House.

This race is different because the goal is not about a competitive speed. Instead, it’s a relay to end homelessness. In its third year, the run takes place during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

On Nov. 12, twelve designated relay runners will depart from the Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studio (Great Neck location) and trek 220 miles to the White House. Each runner will run roughly 20 miles, while rotating in 5 mile increments.

They will continue through the night and arrive the following afternoon at Central Union Mission shelter in Washington, D.C. The participants will run the last two miles with shelter residents and volunteers until they arrive at their final destination, the White House.

The relay will take about 36 hours and will also include a separate motorcade of volunteers that will be distributing care packages to homeless shelters along the route.

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