LIFTing up 2017 – A Note From Our Founder

Krista White | Blog

A push up is waking after a good night’s sleep. An apple is today’s healthy choice.  A jumping jack is a step forward. A carrot is seeing a new vision. 

A LIFT athlete is an individual on a better path.

LIFT Fitness Foundation gives those individuals with obstacles an opportunity to become these athletes with promise. Your donations make this possible.

As we bring 2017 to a close, we celebrate the impact of this building year:

  • Reached over 71 individuals with obstacles through our three 90-day programs, creating athletes with promise.
  • Worked with Salvation Army, Union Mission and ForKids to include our programming with their mission direction and successful outcomes.
  • Hired a part time Executive Director to assist with strategic vision, planning and growth.
  • Received a three-year grant from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation allowing us to engage staff to begin expansion of our program reach in 2018.
  • Standardized our program curriculum for effective implementation; improved results.
  • Hired a program coordinator dedicated to the quality of our program delivery.
  • Partnered with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) to develop a system of measurable performance metrics to determine the impact of our programs.
  • Engaged a volunteer board of 10 diverse and community minded individuals that provide governance and strategic oversight.
  • Executed key events that created visibility and community integration for our mission: LIFT-a-thon, inviting other key fitness providers to participate in our annual fundraising event; White House to White House (WH2WH), our relay race bringing awareness to the plight of the homeless- for the third year, we raised over $25,000 with 10 runners and 8 drivers who ran for 36 hours over 200 miles through cold, rain, sleet, and night.

For 2018, we need your help.

As we build on our success in 2017, we plan for the expansion of our programs to reach a greater number that benefit through the empowerment of health and fitness, and are able to sustain independence. We envision integration with employment placement organizations for our job seekers and housing solutions for our homeless.

LIFT- lifting spirits, improving bodies, feeding souls, transforming lives- It’s a simple mission…

As you consider your 2017 charitable contributions; help us begin our 2018 impact.

Thank you for your support-

Jim White