LIFT-a-thon 2017

Krista White | Blog


(photo from LIFTathon 2016)

Join us in participating in our annual LIFT-A-THON in support of the Jim White Fitness Foundation’s LIFT Program.


  • Please complete your participant Registration Form by June 1.
  • If participant is unable to attend the Saturday, June 17th event, please be sure to notify us at to schedule an alternate lift date and time.
  • As a participant, you are responsible for securing your own pledge donations. A pledge form must be filled out for each donation.
  • Pledge amounts can be a flat rate or determined by a specific amount given per rep. For example, a 50 cent pledge for a participant who lifts half of their body weight a total of 50 times would result in a $25 contribution.
  • All participants are responsible for collecting their personal pledge donations.
  • Each participant should have their final pledge forms turned in to Molly Connors, online or any JWFNS location no later than June 15th and final pledge donations collected by June 25th.

We hope you can join us!