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“This is part of the reason I chose to attend EVMS”

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Students help the underserved get healthy through LIFT program

Whether an avid walker or more comfortable on the couch, everyone inside this gym is an athlete.

That’s because they’re all participants in the EVMS service-learning program LIFT, part of a partnership with Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studio in Virginia Beach.

The studio launched the LIFT Fitness Foundation to provide fitness, nutrition and job placement training to the homeless and those in need.

“We would hold training events across Hampton Roads,” Jim White says, “and people regularly approached us wanting to participate, but they didn’t have the money. When people are living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet, eating healthy and joining… read more.

Moving Homeless People Towards Better Lives

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Michael Lowder has gone from being homeless and unemployed to having a home, a job and a healthy lifestyle. He credits the LIFT Fitness Foundation with his transformation… read more on page 34.

Valued Volunteers needed for 2018 programs

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It’s time to do some good, have some fun and get in a great workout all while helping those in need get back on their feet through fitness, nutrition and motivation.

LIFT Fitness Foundation is about to kick off it’s 90-day program at the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center. To learn more.