LIFTing up 2017 – A Note From Our Founder

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A push up is waking after a good night’s sleep. An apple is today’s healthy choice.  A jumping jack is a step forward. A carrot is seeing a new vision.  A LIFT athlete is an individual on a better path. LIFT Fitness Foundation gives those individuals with obstacles an opportunity to become these athletes with promise. Your donations… Read More »

LIFTing the Veil on Homelessness

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Misconception #1: “Homeless people are lazy.” “I’ve heard the personal stories of numerous people and admit having been surprised to learn that for many, the road to homelessness began with the loss of a job at which they’d worked hard for years and/or a series of circumstances beyond their control, such as serious illness or… Read More »

LIFT-a-thon 2017

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(photo from LIFTathon 2016) Join us in participating in our annual LIFT-A-THON in support of the Jim White Fitness Foundation’s LIFT Program. RULES & REGULATIONS Please complete your participant Registration Form by June 1. If participant is unable to attend the Saturday, June 17th event, please be sure to notify us at info@jwfitnessfoundation.com to schedule an alternate lift date… Read More »

Begin 2017 With A Giving Heart

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At the start of every new year, I find that it is deeply comforting and motivating to reflect on one word: hope. Hope that the coming year will be my best yet, that I can accomplish any resolutions I set my mind to. This sense of hope has been fundamental to my happiness and success,… Read More »

White House 2 White House: Wrap Up

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200 miles + 12 runners + 1 purpose of homelessness awareness = mission complete!  On Monday, November 14, 2016 we did just that. After 30+ hours of running, 2 RV’s, one flat tire, and many memories made together, we found ourselves weary but fulfilled as we rested against the White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue.… Read More »